Freedom's Heritage Forum

Freedom's Heritage Forum is a Political Action Committee founded
for the purpose of supporting conservative candidates for local, state, and national office.

We need your help!


Kentucky Election Law:

1)      Donations to a PAC are not tax deductible.

2)      We cannot take donations from a Church (but an individual from the church is OK.)

3)      We cannot take donations from a corporation (but an individual or an unincorporated business is OK.)

4)      The most you can give to all PACs in one year is $2,000.

5)      Occupation & employer of the donor must be reported for donations over $100.



Please make your check or money order out to The Forum and send to: The Forum, PO Box 8090, Louisville, KY 40257 along with the following information: 

Occupation :                                                       Employer :                                                                           

Occupation and employer are REQUIRED for donations over $100 per year.  

See also the Kentucky state website on donations and contribution limits here.