Freedom's Heritage Forum

Freedom's Heritage Forum is a Political Action Committee founded
for the purpose of supporting conservative candidates for local, state, and national office.

About Us

Promoting Faith, Family & Freedom



1.         To organize ALL of the Conservatives in Kentucky and establish chapters across the state with people who want to get involved in electing strong conservative leaders regardless of party. YOU are needed to help organize your neighborhood and/or County.

2.         To publicize Sample Ballots for the May Primary and November General Elections.




1.         To promote decency in our American society through the distributing of information.

2.         To inform you about the negative effects of violence and crime on TV and in the movies.

3.         To inform you through mailings, phone calls, fliers, meetings and word of mouth.

4.         To take a stand on  moral, decency and Pro-family issues.

5.         To do all those things necessary to promote the founding moral principles that made America “One Nation Under God” and to stop Anti-Christian Bigotry.